Meet Our Team

Rebecca loves Jesus fiercely and some very close seconds to that are her crazy Canadian husband {John} and their 3 little girls known as "The Blondetourage." She has learned to walk in faith through some deep waters...and she loves to walk alongside others while they do the same.

She serves as the Director of Care and Counseling at Forest Hill Church where she is an Ordained Pastor and Licensed Professional Counselor.  In her "not-so" free time, she loves a day with nothing on the schedule, leading Bible studies including couples' life groups and the Women of the Carolina Panthers, hosting parties for people to gather, red wine, and bubble baths.

Rebecca values authenticity and living free as she pursues a deep relationship with Jesus.  She wants the same for you.

Leslie is a receiver of God's grace and finds joy in her walk with Him. She enjoys spending quality time with others and helping them discern the work of Christ in their lives. Leslie has come to trust the Lord's kindness to love her despite her own brokenness and has discovered His grace meets her on even the toughest of roads. She brings joy and hope to others by encouraging them to put their faith in Christ above all. Despite her bent towards introversion, Leslie assists those in need of counseling, prayer and pastoral care on the Forest Hill Care and Counseling ministry team. Leslie's other notable gifts include eating snacks, playing outside, going on walks with friends and spending time with her husband, Graham and their mega-cute cat, Jacks.

Jessee is a lover of truth and grace and desires to live in them daily. Her walk with the Lord started in high school and so did her love for journaling. She has a gentle, old soul who carries her journal and pen around with her almost everywhere she goes. Her love to capture her thoughts and tender whispers from God in a notebook make her unique in this day and age of blogs and twitter. Almost all of her days are full with taking care of her 3 kids along the side of her sweet husband, Luke, in beautiful Charlotte, NC. Along with her family, friends, and relationship with Jesus the other things that make Jessee's heart full are: transparency, quality time, coffee, nature and worship music.

Ashley is a quiet observer by nature which serves her well as she has a front row seat to the craziness that comes from living in a house of all males. Married to her college sweetheart, Ashley is mama to two smart and energetic boys. Her family has grown bigger and her faith has grown deeper and wider since moving to Charlotte 13 years ago. While she prefers more intimate interactions over big group activities, not much brings her more joy than loving on her village that loves her and her family back! An educator at heart, Ashley loves watching little preschool hearts grow and learn, and she also has a passion for mentoring and tutoring middle school students.  Other simple joys include cooking, eating, writing, and making/capturing family memories.

Jenny's earliest memory was at Sunday School singing while Jesus played the guitar (I really thought it was Jesus). She is wife to PT, who she luckily snagged in college and they have three amazing children. For the past four years they've enjoyed the crazy, uncertain and sometimes mad life as a foster family. She began her career as a newspaper photographer, back in the day when you took photos on film. Through a jumbled job path she landed in the non profit world advocating for fragile children and families in our community and couldn't be happier. When she’s an old lady and finally finishes driving carpool she hopes to fill her days reading, gardening, taking pictures and eating chocolate.



Lauren lives life authentically and adventurously with her family of five. Every day is a chance to trust the Lord with open hands & heart. She started hand-lettering in 2016 with an open bible and some pens in hand. After friends and family started asking her to write & display God's truth on their walls, she realized her passion was to use lettering to spread HIS love. She is the creator of Beau & Arrow, and you can find her calligraphy & watercolor art at, or on Instagram (@beauandarrowhome).

2016 - SEPT 2017

Arin is a follower of Christ and knows well the grace of a gentle, good God! He has given her a deep love for her family and friends and filled her with passion to create. She is most alive with her music on and her paint spread before her. Her laughter brings joy to those who love her. She is the founder of True Cotton -Artwork and Paper Company based in Fort Mill, SC. She is also four-deep in the full-time ministry of parenthood with her husband Andy.


You can find her on instagarm as @truecottonart



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